Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP 40 AMP-Normally Aspirated (BAP)

Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP 40 AMP-Normally Aspirated (BAP)

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A time tested and proven Kenne Bell innovation, the BOOST-A-PUMP?, powers some of the world?s most powerful production street and competition vehicles.
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In 1995, Kenne Bell was first to introduce it’s revolutionary BOOST-A-PUMP®. It was designed as a reliable lower cost, more efficient alternative to fuel pump upgrading. Our new concept was to forever change the way we look at increasing fuel delivery. To the surprise of all, the single pump/BOOST-A-PUMP® combination was able to deliver more fuel flow than two (2) pumps in tandem. Today, the BOOST-A-PUMP® is clearly the most efficient and cost effective method of increasing pump flow and the HP potential of any modified vehicle (supercharged, turbocharged, naturally aspirated or Nitrous). And the proven Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP® works with any fuel system (returnless or return style). See Fuel Pump Tech. Tests clearly prove 75% (Street) and 100% (Competition) gains from any vehicles 12V pump(s) vs. max 75%-85% for competing modules.

No software, computer, CD’s, ramping up or down, complex programs, added circuits, or expensive re-tuning is required as with others. Also, no fuel heating/octane reduction as with return style systems.

Our most popular BOOST-A-PUMP® has always been the “Universal Splice” Kit. It’s a snap to install. Splice just one wire and ground the other. Works on any 12V pump with 12 or 16V battery. We also offer a Plug N Play Wiring Harness version (Fords only) for those who prefer not to splice a wire.

Another exclusive is our top selling Dodge Demon and Shelby GT500 Dual Pump BOOST-A-PUMP® Kit (Splice and Plug N Play) that requires only one (1) module. Others must wire and mount 2 separate modules at considerable higher cost.

Equally important, the BOOST-A-PUMP® is also a voltage regulator which maintains the set pump voltage/fuel delivery and engine “lean out” in the event of a voltage reduction from an alternator or system overload.

The 21V Competition Kit uses a BAS (Boost Activation Switch Kit) or VAS (Vacuum Activated Switch) as 21V should not be run full time on any pump or the Ford FPDM.

• Easily Installed. Simple “Single Wire” connection or Plug N Play (Fords only)
• Fused circuit protection (40 amps).
• Ideal for Nitrous applications.
• Attractive anodized red aluminum.
• 1000HP with OEM in tank production pumps.
• Available for single or dual pump (others must use 2 modules)
• Easily installed. Uses stock feed wire & fuel lines.
• No expensive fuel lines, regulator and pump upgrades.
• Proven reliability and concept. Tens of thousands sold since 1995.
• Does not affect pump life. Actually increases life of returnless pumps.
• Exclusive built in regulator stabilizes voltage regardless of battery voltage (down to 11V).
• Increases fuel pump flow up to 75% on ANY electric pump(s). 100% for “Competition” 21V.
• Compensates for reduced voltage/pump delivery from voltage drops by lights and accessories.
• Activated by boost switch (supercharged, turbocharged) or vacuum switch (naturally aspirated).
• Used on all Kenne Bell Supercharger Kits (street & competition) and some of the “World’s Most Powerful Production Vehicles.”
• OK with 12V or 16V battery.
• Works with any pump (turbine or gerator).
• OK to mount under hood. All top quality hi-temp components.
• Full or part time operation (See Fuel Pump Tech).?
• Easily upgraded from 17.5V – 21V with a “step up” plug.
• No computers, software, CD’s, complex programs, extra circuits, ramping up or down or re-tuning is necessary.

While dyno and street testing, our On Board Data Logger told us that fuel flow was less at night when the lights, stereo etc. were on. The voltage to the pump was varying between 12 and 13.5 volts and fuel was being reduced up to 15%. Further testing in our Fuel Flow Lab indicated that by elevating the voltage to the pump we could safely increase fuel capacity by as much as 100%. The Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP™ does just that – and it automatically maintains the pre-set voltage or % increase with as little as 10 volts at the battery.

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