Procharger LT1 / LT4 Supercharger Intercooled Transplant Kit With F-1 Head Unit


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A properly spec’d LT1 / LT4 Transplant engine and larger ProCharger F-1X/F-2 supercharger can support 1,500+ horsepower – so handling the factory 7 psi is no stress at all!
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This is a complete ATI / Procharger Supercharger kit with a F-1, F-1D, or F-1A head unit for LT1 or LT4 engines transplanted into early or late model vehicles. This intercooled kit is designed for LT1/LT4 transplants and will use all of the factory LT1 accessories in their original location. When it comes to adding big, reliable power to Gen V LT1 / LT4 engines, ProCharger simply dominates. Building on more than 10 years of LSx transplant supercharger leadership, ProCharger is the first to offer a complete supercharger kit for use on modern direct injected LT Transplant engines in various vehicles. With the largest, most reliable power gains on pump gas, ProCharger-powered LT1 / LT4 Transplant Kits dominate both on the street and on the strip! Backed by the strength and support of the industry leader, ProCharger offers you the greatest power potential and most choices for your LT1 / LT4 transplant..

A properly spec’d LT1 / LT4 Transplant engine and larger ProCharger F-1X/F-2 supercharger can support 1,500+ horsepower – so handling the factory 7 psi is no stress at all! Intercooled version pictured for reference only, the standard kit is non-intercooled with many options for an intercooler upgrade. Black powdercoated upgrade option is pictured for reference only, the standard kit is satin finish.

Featuring a patented and proven self-contained ProCharger supercharger, a rigid serpentine-drive billet aluminum bracket, available air-to-air intercoolers and the ability to retain many stock accessories including air-conditioning and power-steering, the ProCharger LT Transplant Serpentine Drive Kit is exactly what your LT transplant vehicle needs.

With only 7 psi on pump gas your Transplant Gen V LT can enjoy a gain of 200+ HP, thanks to our HO Intercooled System with F-1SC-1 head unit. Using a robust billet bracket system with a dedicated belt drive and patented crank pulley design, we are able to secure a 7.65" supercharger drive pulley onto the factory harmonic balancer. The ProCharger crank pulley works by using a system of "cam-locks" to securely grip the factory balancer, taking the load off the crank bolt ensuring years of service without worry. Combining this 7.65" crank pulley with our robust ProCharger tensioner near the supercharger pulley, the system was designed for maximum belt wrap. This ensures consistent belt traction for both the factory 7 psi system offering and higher boost levels with Tuner Kits and modified vehicles. With the best belt wrap possible, ProCharger's tensioner is unique in that it is spring loaded, but also allows the customer to add as much pre-load adjustment as they want into the belt. This tensioner has already been proven in similar applications to support 1600+HP when used with dedicated 8-rib belts–so handling the factory 7 psi is no stress at all.

Significantly higher power levels are possible with modified engines and a ProCharger F-Series supercharger (tuning and fuel system required).

The serpentine drive kit utilizes a dedicated 8-rib serpentine supercharger drive and includes a standard 1 year warranty on the supercharger. HO Kits with P- and D-Series ProChargers include a ProFlow bypass valve while kits with an F-Series supercharger utilize a legendary ProCharger “race” bypass valve.


  • Horsepower gain: Depends on custom tuning
  • F-1, F-1A, or F-1D supercharger head unit, satin finish standard, upgrades available
  • Highly Effective 3 Core Sheet Metal Intercooler (950hp)
  • Boost pressure spec'd out after order is placed
  • Bypass Valve: Race Valve
  • Belt Drive System: Additional Dedicated 8 Rib Serpentine Drive
  • Fuel Pump Supplied: NONE Supplied, available as an option
  • Fuel Injectors Supplied: NONE Supplied, available as an option
  • Computer/Ignition Mods.: NONE Supplied, available as an option
  • Base HP Range of NA Engine: 400-750 HP 
  • Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 1300 HP
  • Self-Contained Oiling: Yes
  • The coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains available
  • ProCharger’s patented and proven, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines
  • Easiest and quickest installation

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