TPS C6 Red Powder Coated & Rebuilt Caliper & Bracket Set

TPS C6 Red Powder Coated & Rebuilt Caliper & Bracket Set

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Replace those ugly stock calipers with these beautiful calipers & brackets
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Have you ever wondered why GM put those ugly grey brake calipers on your prized Corvette? Now you can change that with a set of beautiful TPS Powder Coated & Rebuilt Caliper & Bracket Set! These's factory calipers are completely disassembled, powder coated with a minimum of 2 coats and then rebuilt with new seals and boots. Our rebuilding process includes replacing all seals, boots, and any unuasable parts. Direct fit for all stock C5 & C6 Corvettes! You can either have us send you a set of Power Coated/ Rebuilt calipers/ brackets and pay a core charge OR you can send us your own set of calipers and we'll rebuild and powder coat it and send it back to you within 2 weeks. If you send in your own calipers there will be no core charge assessed.

Upgrade to C6 Z51 Sized Brakes!
Looking for larger brakes than your stock size base brakes?!?!  Now when you can upgrade your base brakes to C6 Z51 Sized brakes and have TPS powder coat them at the same time to the color of your choice!  To upgrade to C6 Z51 sized brakes just select "Yes" under the option of "Z51 Upgrade from Base" for $259.99.  Then select the type of C6 Z51 rotors you would like (choose from Slotted, Cross Drilled/ Slotted or Cross Drilled), and add the brake pads you want and your ready to go!  Add our TPS Stainless Steel Brake Lines for only $89.99 to improve your brake pedal feel by eliminating brake line expansion from your rubber hoses.  Adding larger C6 Z51 rotors also helps fill in the space in your wheels to give it a big brake look.
C6 Base Rotor Size-13" (Front). 12" (Rear)
C6 Z51 Rotor Size-13.4" (Front). 13" (Rear)

Sending in Your Own Calipers & Brackets
If you are sending in your own calipers & brackets DO NOT send them with bleeder screws, lines, hardware OR brake pads,  Any parts outside of the calipers and brackets sent will be discarded and not sent back to you

Core Refund Policy

*$400 Refundable Core Charge will be charged per order. Cores must be received within 30 days of receiving TPS calipers/brackets to receive full $400 refund. $100 will be deducted from refund if cores are not received back within 40 days of customer receiving TPS calipers/ brackets. $200 will be deducted from refund if cores are not received back within 50 days of customer receiving TPS Calipers/ brackets. After 60 days of receiving Calipers/ Brackets NO CORE REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. Cores are sent back with painted or powder coated will have $100 removed from the core refund.  If there is damage to the cores outside of normal wear additional fees will be deducted from the core.  Examples are damaged to the Corvette Logos OR unusuable pistons.

Please Note: Due to availability, shipment of TPS Powder Coated Calipers/ Brackets may be delayed up to 2-3 weeks due to extremely high demand. If you order C6 calipers and brackets you MUST return C6 calipers and brackets to receive your core charge.  If you selected C6 Z51 brakets you must also return C6 Z51 brackets unless you purchased them from TPS for $259.99 at time of ordering.

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