AKRAPOVIC Slip-on Exhaust Audi S5 V8T

The renowned designer Walter de’Silva considers Audi A5 to be one of the most beautiful automobiles he created in his illustrious career.
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Audi S5 V8 Akrapovic Exhaust

Akrapovic Homologated Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust for the 2007+ Audi S5 V8T

The renowned designer Walter de’Silva considers Audi A5 to be one of the most beautiful automobiles he created in his illustrious career. One of the highlights of this coupe from Ingolstadt is the S5 version with a 4.2-liter eight cylinder engine that, with its four-wheel drive, ensures a very enjoyable dynamic driving. The pleasures are fully enhanced with the use of the Akrapovic ‘aftermarket’ homologated Slip-On exhaust system that hits both the power increase and weight reduction note, as well as offers a stimulating sound. The Slip-On for the S5, used with an optionally supplied link pipe and wireless exhaust valve control system, is a must for everyone who wants to get more enjoyment from their automobile. Namely, the system offers a non-stock deep sporty sound, hair raising auditory pleasures due to open valves and a solemn elegance with closed valves for daily driving. You will be able to recognize an S5 fitted with an Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system by four sporty round exhaust system tail pipes made from precious titanium and the truly deep sound, which can be regulated through a simple push on a button.


With an Akrapovic exhaust system you can rest assured that you're getting the absolute best available exhaust for your vehicle. For years, Akrapovic has made a name for themselves with professional motorcycle and automobile racing configurations, and they bring this race knowledge to the design and production of their other exhaust systems. The Akrapovic exhaust for the Audi S5 provides the vehicle with an unrivaled improvement in exhaust tonal quality that crescendoes beautifully up through the entire RPM range, and the large titanium exhaust tips give the vehicle a more pronounced and aggressive look that is sure to help the vehicle turn even more heads than it already does. In addition to these incredible tonal and appearance benefits, the Akrapovic exhaust will provide your Audi V8 with incredible performance gains through the entire RPM range. With all of these incredible benefits packaged together in a single exhaust system, you can be absolutely certain that you're getting your money's worth when you purchase an Akrapovic exhaust system. Akrapovic systems are only the best exhaust systems available on the market, and are made for only the best cars--a match made in automotive heaven.


The Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system for the Audi S5 offers a power increase in excess of 2 HP and additional torque of over 10 ft/lbs. The power increase is particularly noticeable between 1,500 rpm and 3,600 rpm – in the most often used range. The eight valve engine of the S5, fitted with the Akrapovic exhaust is more dynamic across the entire range. This high-quality stainless steel system, manufactured with the same attention to detail as always, offers a weight reduction of 9 pounds, when used with the optional link pipe.



Slip-On system, homologated:

  • 2 stainless steel mufflers
  • 4 titanium tail pipes

Hard facts:

  • plus 2 HP (at 5,580 rpm)
  • plus 10 ft/lbs (at 2,330 rpm)
  • minus 9 lbs
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Condition New
Warranty Lifetime
Manufacturer Akrapovic
Manufacturer Part No MTP-AUS58TH
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