Bok Kai Car Show Registration 2023 (February 26th)


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***PLEASE NOTE: PROCEEDS ARE DONATED to Marysville Chinese Community (EIN 6657359986-8) is a 501c non-profit.  Your car show registration is 100% tax deductable.  If you work for coporation which has matching funds to non profits please have them match your regsitration or donation.****

Thank you for your registration to the 1st Bok Kai Car Show Ever!  Join us to help revitalize the 143 year old Bok Kai Festival!  Every car registrant will receive a Bok kai Car Show T-Shirt and a Goodie Bag for only $30!

What is Bok Kai?
The Bok Kai is the name of a Chinese Temple in Marysville, CA which dates back to 1880 when the Chinese came to Marysville during the Gold Rush Days.  They brought their myths, idols, customs and religion with them. The first Bok Kai Temple was built nearly two blocks upstream on the Yuba River from the present structure. It was appropriately named the Bok Kai Mui, which means Temple (Mui) of the North (Bok) side of the stream (Kai).

Bok I (or Eye) is the central Deity in this place of worship. Of the five Gods in the main altar, Bok Eye is situated in the center, flanked by the others.

Bok Eye is believed to possess powers controlling floods, waters of irrigation and the rains. He is also called Hsuan-Tien Shang-Ti, Lord of the Black (Pavilions of) Heaven Chen Wu, and Peichi Yusheng Chen-chun. Bok Eye, according to the Chinese, means Northern or Dark North (Bok) and God (I or Eye).

The present structure, a charming edifice filled with treasured items, has been the focal point of a restoration project initiated in 1947 by the entire Marysville community. The Temple restoration project since then has involved thousands of dollars, and yet there is more work to be done to complete the task.

Bok Kai Parade & Festival (Saturday Feb 25th 10AM-4PM))
The Bok Kai Parade is the longest continuous parade & festival in the state of CA spanning over 143 years.  In fact, it is older than the Grand Daddy of them all the Rose Parade in Pasadena!

The Bok Kai parade's rich history is believed to have started as far back as the 1850s. Always held on the weekend closest to the second day of the second month of the Lunar calendar it is the longest continually held parade in California. The parade honors Bok Eye, the Chinese Water God, who protects Marysville from flooding.

The event brings in thousands of visitors from the local community as well as San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon, and even Hong Kong. The parade features community organizations, schools, businesses, traditional Chinese lion dancers, lots of fire crackers and the famous 175 foot long golden dragon named "Hong Wan Lung." Dragons play a big part in the Chinese culture as well as in the Bok Kai parade's history. Check out the history of our parade dragons here.

Bomb Day (Sunday February 26th 4PM) 
The celebration of Bomb Day, also know as Bok Eye's birthday, is a tradition that began in the 1880s. Today the celebration continues as a community wide affair drawing visitors from all over. Bomb Day received it's name for the bombs and huge firecrackers that are fired off during the celebration.  Bomb Day is right after the Bok Kai Car Show :)

For more information about the Bok Kai Temple and Bomb Day please visit their website.


Sponsor Wanted
If you're interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Jon Lim @ 530/329-2254 or MIke Mak @ 408/667-0531.  All checks to be made payable to the Maryvillee Chinese Community. 501c EIN #: 6657359986-8


Car Show Classes
Best Ameriican Muscle Car (Late Model)
-Best Classic Car (Pre-1973)
-Best Sport Compact
-Best Hot Rod (Pre-1973)
-Best Exotic Car
-Best Euro
-Best Asian
-Best EV
-Most Unique
-Bok Kai's Choice
-TPS Motorsports Choice

Hotel Accomodations
If you are interested in lodging for the Bok Kai Festival, Parade, and Car Show we have arranged for some speccil pricing available below.

Bonanza Inn-$109 Per Night
1001 Clark Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95991
Tel: 530/674-8824
Click here to reserve your room

 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
3317 Forty Mile Road
Wheatland, CA 95692
Tel: 833/337-3473

Guests can call 530-632-4503 to Reserve under the BOK KAI block.


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