Steeda Mustang GT 3.5" 1350 Series Aluminum Driveshaft Manual Transmission (2018-2023)

238 10202303S

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*8.8lbs lighter than OEM driveshaft *

Quicker acceleration and better ET times are something that every performance enthusiast is after. Steeda's lightweight aluminum driveshaft delivers both and more to your Mustang, helping you achieve the level of performance that you long for.

Fewer weak points. We have eliminated the weak link in the driveshaft to boost the strength and performance of your Mustang. This one-piece driveshaft was engineered to offer peak performance for your Mustang and does not compromise. The one-piece design eliminates the center joint, increasing strength, reducing weight, and removing a potential point for failure.

Great driveability. Unlike most other aluminum driveshafts on the market, the Steeda driveshaft offers a superior driving experience. This is thanks to the foam-filled design that helps eliminate NVH such as gear whine and knockback.

We have tested our Steeda Mustang 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft with various modification and gearing combinations and experienced no increase in NVH.

Product Benefits
8.8 lbs lighter than OEM driveshaft
-Reduced rotating mass
-Lightweight aluminum one-piece driveshaft
-Improved driving performance
-Quicker acceleration, lower ET's
-Direct bolt-in, easy installation
-No increase in NVH

More Information
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Steeda
Manufacturer Part No 238 10202303S
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