TPS Motorsports Corvette C5 C6 Chassis Tunnel Plate w/ Z Cool Thermal Shielding

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Helps reduce creaks, noises, and reduces heat transferred to the interior
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So what is a tunnel plate?
*A tunnel plate is a plate which GM used as a barrier to separate the exhaust from the torque tube in a in C5 and C6.  It was first introducted in a C5.

What does it do? 
*GM initially intended for the plate to be used as a barrier for the exhaust from the torque tube underneath the car.  For the C6 cars GM installed a thicker one as they discovered the plate also helped reduce chassis flex in addition to keeping out heat.

Why do I want the TPS Tunnel Plate?
*The TPS tunnel plate is over 2x as thick as the factory C6 Plate and 4x the stock C5 plate.  Installing the TPS plate will help reduce in car tempertures because it provides a better heat barrier from the exhaust.  It will also eliminate many creaks and chassis flex due to the increase thickness and rigidity of our plate.

How hard is it to install?
*With the factory mid-pipe removed it will take you less than 30 minuetes to install and can be done with simple hand tool!  If your doing long tube headers this is a perfect upgrade to do at the same time.  

-1/4" Thick Aluminum
-Reduces in car temperatures
-Eliminates creaks and chassis flex
-Over 2x as thick as your stock c6 or 4x the thickness of a C5 tunnel plate.
-Works for all C5 & C6 Corvettes
-Made in the good ole USA

The engineers at General Motors acknowledged the benefits of a stiffer more rigid Tunnel Reinforcement Plate and improved their original design and incorporated something similar into the new C6.

Optional Z-Cool Thermal Heat Shield 

With our option Z Cool Thermal shielding temperatures have been shown to decrease by 20-40 degrees!



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Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer TPS Motorsports
Manufacturer Part No TPS-C5C614TPHEAT
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