Whipple 2019-2024 Ram TRX 6.2L Hellcat SC Upgrade Kit (3.0L) Stage 2


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  • Over 300HP capacity over Hellaphant 3.0L Supercharger
  • Over 500hp capacity over Hellcat 2.4L supercharger
  • Expensive porting not required to make power
  • Massive, dual pass, dual core intercooler technology for twice the cooling area of any other PD SC for 6.2L
  • Inverted design allows for oversized intercooler, each core is 2" thick, dual pass = 4" thick core
  • Dual in, dual out intercooler for increased water flow
  • 112mm opening for compatibility with stock TB, 102mm, 105mm and Whipple’s 112mm


Maximize Power with Optimal Fuel: The innovative Gen 5 Supercharger System, compatible with Hellcat, Trackhawk, Durango, Demon, Redeye, and TRX supercharged models, now offers an extraordinary benefit – a significant power boost of 100hp when using 93 octane fuel. This enhancement allows you to fully exploit the capabilities of the Whipple 3.0L Twin-Screw Supercharger, delivering exhilarating performance gains with the right fuel choice.

50-State Emissions Legal: Enjoy these remarkable power upgrades while staying environmentally conscious. The Gen 5 system is fully compliant with emissions standards across all 50 states and the only legal bolt on power adder available today.

Dual Pass, Dual Intercooler Technology: Incorporating Whipple’s patented technology, as seen in the 2021 Dodge Drag Pak, the Gen 5 supercharger system doubles the charge air cooling efficiency compared to other systems. This innovative approach ensures your engine maintains optimal performance under demanding conditions.

Billet Supercharger Rotors: Made in the USA, the Gen 5’s precision-engineered billet rotors surpass traditional cast rotors in durability and efficiency. They provide enhanced performance across a broader RPM range while ensuring cooler air charge temperatures and reduced power consumption.

Enhanced Airflow for Peak Performance: The system's unique 112mm throttle flange, along with an optional billet 112mm throttle body, ensures maximum airflow to match the supercharger’s potential. An all-new high-flow cold air intake system further amplifies this effect, setting the stage for record-breaking performance.

Customizable Performance Stages: Select from the Stage 1 or Stage 2 Supercharger systems to suit your needs. Stage 1 offers a direct OEM replacement, while Stage 2 includes a billet 112mm throttle body and billet -8AN fuel rails for an even greater performance uplift.

Complete Performance Tuning Package: Each supercharger kit comes with an HP Tuner RDT flash tool, credits, security bypass, PCM upgrade, and Whipple calibration, providing a comprehensive solution for achieving optimal performance alongside emissions compliance.

Discover the perfect balance of power, precision, and environmental consideration with the Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger System, designed to transform your driving experience.

CARB EO: D-231-100

*Results quoted may vary due to variations in conditions and application

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Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Whipple
Manufacturer Part No WK-3510-S2-30
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