AKRAPOVIC Titanium Evolution Exhaust BMW M6 F12

The engineering masterpiece in the form of the new M TwinPower Turbo M6 has been a welcome challenge to the Akrapovic R&D department
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Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Exhaust System for the 2012+ F12 Chassis BMW M6

The engineering masterpiece in the form of the new M TwinPower Turbo M6 has been a welcome challenge to the Akrapovic R&D department, which is responsible for developing truly amazing exhaust systems that offer more power, weigh less, and have an EC type-approval stamp at the same time.


The new Evolution exhaust system for the BMW M6 F12 consists of newly developed dual-outlet mufflers with exhaust valves, flow-optimized pipes, and a unique cast titanium X-shaped part with resonators. The X-pipe, valves, and flange assembly are produced in the state of the art Akrapovic Foundry out of the world's highest quality materials and with a particular focus on exhaust tone and performance.


To top off this work of art, we’ve got polished titanium and aerospace-grade carbon fiber tail pipes to choose from. Each pipe features the world's finest material components and is constructed with the greatest care for a final product that is a true work of art that you'll be proud to display on your M6.


The Evolution system lowers the back pressure and gives the M6 more power and torque through the whole range of rpms. It also works to increase responsiveness when driving. The Evolution system offers an even greater difference in weight, improving the power-to-weight ratio by utilizing light-weight titanium materials and efficient piping design. Horsepower and Torque gains are achieved without removing the catalytic converters. What this all means is that a complete Akrapovic exhaust system for the M6 will provide enhanced performance numbers by lightening the vehicle and giving it extra power at the same time, and will also make driving your M6 a greater pleasure by improving exhaust  sound and vehicle responsiveness and throttle response.


While developing this system, Akrapovic especially focused on sound. An M6 with the Evolution system delivers a deep, aggressive roar when driven hard, coaxing bangs out of the unique tail pipes when shifting and going off the throttle. To top it all off, the Evolution system is drone free and works well with the M6's Active Noise Cancellation system—just like the valve system, which is regulated through the M6’s settings.

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