California Super Coupe/ CSC ZLR Super Wide Body Kit for C6,C6 Z06, GS, ZR1

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Set your car apart with the Super Wide Body Kit

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If your looking to stand out from the rest of the C6 Corvettes around you need the CSC Super Wide Kit!  These kits are are made 100% made in the USA unlike other kits on the market and have excellent fitment.  This kit will give your your kit a super car look without the paying $100K for a ZR1!

The front fenders are 1" wider than a C6 Z06 on each side widening the front stance by 2" while the rears are 1.5" wider giving it a total rear stance increase of 3".  For a base model  the front fenders are 2" wider on each side widening the front stance by 4" while the rears are 3" wider giving it a total rear stance increase of 6"!  To compensate for the wider tract the optional side skirts on this kit is 1" wider than a standard ZR1 splitter and the front splitter is also 1" longer.  With the wider stance of the car you'll now be able to run 275mm tires in the front and massive 345mm in the rear!

The Super Wide Body Kit is available for all C6 Corvettes from model year 2005-2013. We have kits for both the coupe and the convertible, please specify which car you have to obtain the correct kit..

American Made lightweight, top grade fiberglass for easy painting.

The Super Wide Body Kit comes with 2 front fender, and 2 rear panels along wth wheelhouse liners/ extensions

Parts Lists
-Super Wide Front Fenders
-Super Wide Rear Fenders
-CSC Front Wheelhoue Liner x 2
-CSC Rear Wheelhoue Liner Extension x 2

Optional Parts
-Rear Diffuser (2 or 4 tip exhaust)
-Rear Spoiler
-Windows Rails
-Carbon Fiber Skirt & Splitter Upgrade
-Fiberglass Skirt & Splitter Upgrade

Optional Installation Kit-
**PLEASE NOTE ALL WIDE BODY KITS FROM EVERY MANUFACTURE REQUIRE AN INSTALL KIT.  Don't be fooled by lower prices of inferior kits.  Installation Kit A is for the base cars which Installation Kit B is for C6 Z06, Grandsports, & ZR1.  Install kit B's are much cheaper than the A kit as the Z06/ ZR1/ & Grandsports already have most of the parts needed

**Most of these parts in this kit can be purchased @ your local GM dealership
-Reinforcement (10330822, 10330821) - Right and Left Front Bumper to Fender Reinforcement
-Reinforcement (15793403 qty. 2) - Right and Left Front Fender to Bumper Retainer
-Ornament (20823544, 20823546, 20823543, 20823545) - Front Fender Vents
-Molding (15801407) - Small Upper Grill
-Grille (15857168) - Front Lower Grill
-Bracket (15822871) - Inner Portion of Front Grill
-Liner (15834373, 15834374) - Front Inner Splash Shields (Forward Position)
-Seal (15881433, 15881441, 15881442) - For Bumper to Hood and Fenders to Hood
-Seal (15881432 qty. 2) - For Rear Quarters to Hatch
-Molding (015818637, 015818636) - Rear Splash Guards
-Scoop (015842371, 015842370, 025790357, 025790358) - Rear Vent Inserts (Inner and Outer)
-Nut (11515638 qty. 20) - Hardware for splash Shields
-Retainer (11517700 qty. 4) - Christmas Tree Shaped Plastic Retainer
-Bolt (11610092 qty. 4) - Screws

More Information
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer California Super Coupes (CSC)
Manufacturer Part No CSC-C6Superwide
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